Start of Nabadwip Bakultala High School

Encouraged by the growing urge for English education the Managing Committee of the Nabadwip Bakultala M.E School decided to upgrade the school into a full fledged High English school and in 1923 it started functioning as such. Soon after its debut in the educational field the school impressed both the people and the Government about its utility and potentiality by its superb performance. Thanks to a team of dedicated teachers, who put in all their pedagogical skill for the proper upbringing of the students.

Product Of The School - A Galaxy

A school is a man making plant and is known by its product. The Nabadwip Bakultala High School may indeed feel proud of a galaxy of luminaries produced by it, like the Magsaysay award winner Sri Gour Kishor Ghosh (better known as RUPADARSHI), eminent educationist , Sri Satyanarayan Das, former Deputy Director of Education, West Bengal, Dr. Nihar Gopal Senroy, former Director General of Metrology, Govt.of India, Sri Samar Ghosh, Adl chief Secretary, Govt. of West Bengal to name a few, and a host of others who have distinguish themselves in their respective avocations as departmental heads and leaders of different Universities, college principals, lecturers, Bearcats, executives of different National and Multi-national organizations, surgeons and medicos. Paucity of space makes it impossible to mention their names here.

Location Of Nabadwip

Situated on the Bhagirathi, Nabadwip is burgeoning town in the district of Nadia with a population nearing 2 lakhs. Flanked by two national highways and two railways lines on either sides of the quiet flowing Bhagirathi the town is within commutable distance of a little over a hundred K.M and roughly three hours journey either by road or rail. It is not a district town, not a sub-divisional town either. Yet strangely enough, it enjoys a position of eminence which is possibly due to its geographical location but more precisely due to its rich religious and cultural background.

Cultural Background

But very few expect some culture savvy people are aware that Nabadwip was once a famous seat of culture and learning for which it was reputed to be the cultural capital of Bengal. During the dark days of Pathan invasion of Bengal, Nabadwip provided a safe haven to the scholars who, in the tranquil atmosphere of its academics, carried on their studies in different branches of speculative sciences such as grammar, logic, philology, law and theology. Rhetoric and poetry along with different systems of philosophy and kept the lamp of knowledge burning. Indeed what OXFORD was to early England, NABADWIP was so to Bengal, nay, to the rest of INDIA, in the matter of acquisition and dissemination of knowledge and hence it rightly deserved the sobriquet “OXFORD O BENGAL”.